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I’ll be using this blog to write about PowerShell and related technologies, primarily.

I wanted to try out Jekyll on GitHub Pages for blog hosting, because I write a lot of Markdown/GFM these days. I’m also excited about the idea of not needing to pay for a website host, maintain database backups, or continuously patch WordPress.

# Oh hey, I can use GitHub Flavored Markdown to specify that a code block should be highlighted in PowerShell syntax!

If ($Author.Mood -ne 'lazy') {

My experience with setting up the blog, selecting a theme, and customizing it as desired will be covered in the next post.1

See the footer for a link to this blog’s open source repository. The readme contains a lot of the links I used to get started.

  1. One downside of going the Jekyll/GH Pages route: you need to be a little more tech savvy to make theme tweaks. I’ve done some non-trivial trolling around the code already to make preferred changes. With that time spent, here I am in the footnotes section (which I desperately want to abuse), and there is no special formatting class whatsoever in this theme. Hopefully one day I’ll have the motivation to differentiate footnotes, as I won’t use them moving forward if they just look like I’m still talking at the end of the post. 

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