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I’m proud, grateful, and excited to report that my chapter on Azure Functions in The PowerShell Conference Book has just been published!

We made this book for one reason: We needed a PowerShell version of The Simpsons classic 22 Short Films About Springfield episode.

Gum in Lisa's Hair You are Lisa, and we’re all just trying to help.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t the only reason. Mike Robbins wrote more about the project’s genesis.

In this book, you’ll get unique chapters from over 30 authors, each speaking about areas of specific interest. In that way, it’s like a conference…there is an overarching theme (PowerShell), and many stories of the different paths the technology allows you to explore.

Not only will you find many different perspectives behind one cover, but your money is also supporting a great cause. From the book’s Leanpub page:

All (100%) of the royalties from this book are donated to the OnRamp scholarship program. More information about the OnRamp track at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit and their scholarship program can be found on the website.

You know what I wish I had when I was first getting into IT? Money to attend a conference, in order to learn the trade and connect with its practicioners. I’m happy the book’s proceeds will help bridge that gap for a couple people who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Throw some more really cool PowerShell stuff onto your toolbelt while supporting a great cause. Consider picking up a copy!

The PowerShell Conference Book cover The PowerShell Conference Book

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