Do the Three

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In the spirit of June, and because I’m thinking about this while posting another job opening, some career advice for recent graduates.

If you want to be successful, people need to enjoy working with you.

That means:

  1. Solve problems
    • If you skip this, you are (temporarily) being paid to not work.
  2. Be curious
    • If you skip this, there is a ceiling on what you can solve (and what you get paid).
  3. Be friendly
    • If you skip this, it’s only a matter of time.

Make things better. Ask questions and investigate to help identify new problems, and then help solve those. Get along with people while you’re doing it.

Can’t code? Do the three. Dyslexic, ADHD, etc.? Do the three. A good employer will mold work to amplify productive employees’ strengths, and look for others to complement skill sets and mitigate weaknesses.

If you show up to work and do not see infinite problems to work on solving:

  • You need to broaden your field of view. Ask a coworker about their problems.
  • You need to broaden your field of view…outside your current employer.

Some companies aren’t big enough, aren’t open-minded enough, or aren’t willing to compensate you for always getting things done in a friendly fashion. Change your job, or change your job.

Do the three, gravitate to others who do the three, and you will always have a path forward.

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